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“Not only did Kaitlyn meet the requirements of our rigorous internship, she strove to exceed them each and every day. In the short time I worked with her, Kaitlyn grew a great deal. I can be a tough manager—at times providing fairly blunt feedback. Kaitlyn was always very appreciative of the feedback and was able to successfully apply it to her work. I cannot tell you how valuable it is in the fast-paces startup world to have someone like Kaitlyn who I know will just get it done.”

Katie Hurst, marketing coordinator at OpenSesame.

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“Kaitlyn also impressed me with her technology skills and her desire to help her classmates. Whenever I asked the class if they could solve a classmate’s technology challenge, Kaitlyn was always first to jump out of her seat and share her rich knowledge, which was of great value to the class and me. I strongly recommend bringing Kaitlyn on board and thinking of her as a potential employee to hire.”

Tiffany Gallicano, Ph.D, assistant professor in public relations at the University of Oregon.

Gail Tycer

“Kaitlyn was an excellent teacher, finding various ways to apply what she was teaching to my needs – more than I could have asked for. She was able to apply her knowledge and her resources to solving issues that came up in my business, and went beyond what I asked to suggest alternate, and better ways to solve a problem, or get the job done.”

Gail Tycer, owner, Gail Tycer Company